About Us

PAREF Southridge School for Boys in Alabang, Muntinlupa City is a private school that offers primary, intermediate, and secondary education for boys

OUR Mission

We, the Southridge family of parents, teachers, officers, administrative staff, students and alumni are dedicated to fulfill our Vision.

We strengthen and unite the family as an institution of society, enabling the parents to exercise their role as primary educators of their sons, with the teachers as their active partners

We equip our teachers with the means to become respected authorities in their fields.

We provide training and formation to our administrative staff so that they become respected professionals and models of excellence in service.

We provide a balanced and demanding academic and personal formation for our students so that they live according to the Christian ideal.

We provide opportunities for continuing formation for our alumni.

We keep our campus elegant, outstandingly clean and orderly, faithful to our spirit of Christian poverty, as part of the necessary means to achieve excellence.

We, the Southridge family, trusting in God’s abundant grace, move as one body, work as one team, act as one family, to make our vision a reality.

Our Vision

We envision graduates who are MEN OF INTEGRITY, well-formed and principled individuals, who contribute to the common good of society.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are educational leaders who take pride in their profession. They pursue excellence by doing their work extraordinarily well and by seeking continuous professional improvement. They take further studies and attend faculty development seminars in Southridge and other universities and venues.

In their interaction with their students, they show genuine concern, and empathy to them especially during their mentoring sessions. They find ways and means to transform learning into a joyful experience. They consistently manifest loyalty to the school and actively engage in effective home-school collaboration through periodic meetings with parents.

Your Future Starts Here.

Accepting freshmen, transferees and foreign students.