admin staff


• To provide training and formation to our administrative staff so that they
become respective professionals and models of excellence in service.
• To make the Admin Staff effective in their communication of knowledge,
skills and values and good examples of all the virtues the school wants them
to practice.



The Admin Staff Personal Formation Council is composed of a Chairman and at least two members. The Council formulates plans, programs, activities and systems of means of formation by tapping competent persons who are willing to assist in the formation of the admin staff.  In formulating plans, the council considers innovations or new activities of means of formation. Activities should be varied to develop strong interest among the admin staff to participate wholeheartedly. The human resources of the school should be fully utilized in most of the plans. 

The council meets regularly on a monthly basis or as needed. All their meetings are properly documented. 

The Chairman acts as the executive officer. He sees to it that all plans, programs, activities and systems of means of formation are carried out smoothly and with impact among the participants. 

The members make research to find new ways of means of formation. They are encouraged to attend as many means of formation possible in order to infuse new ways to this program. 


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