Personal Formation

The programs and activities of the Personal Formation will continue in the limiting and restrictive set-up all educational institutions in the country find themselves in. The program will run not in spite of these restrictions but precisely because of the resulting conditions and necessities the current pandemic has brought about for everyone.

We envision graduates who are


At the beginning of the school year, parents will be asked to sign a consent form allowing their sons to have one-on-one online chats with their mentors with indicated provisions for the protection of the privacy of both the mentee and the mentor. The platform for mentoring chats with students will be Google Meet. The chat should only be conducted within weekday office hours and Saturday mornings. However, mentees or their parents can get in touch with their mentors or the Guidance Office in case of emergencies. Unlike in the traditional set-up where students can be pulled out of their classrooms during a class for a chat, mentors cannot schedule chats that will conflict with the online synchronous classes of their mentees.


Similar to the student set-up, the mentors will conduct their chats for Term 1 of the school year online. Mentors and parents can make use of any communication medium to coordinate among themselves the schedule of their chat anytime during mentors’ office hours. Likewise, enough time should be given to either the mentor or the mentee’s parents to adjust for any rescheduling of chats. Google Meet will be the recommended platform for chats with parents though parents may request to use their preferred platform.


The Guidance Services will continue to be available online. We will provide online guidance talks such as Psychoeducation for Students, Coping Skills, and Maintaining a Positive Attitude During  the Pandemic. The primary platform that the Guidance Department will use for  private counseling is doxy. me. This it platform is secure as has encryption features on both the counselor and the client sides. It is also HIPAA and DPA compliant. Parents shall receive an online Informed Consent Form  before the start of the school year. It shall detail the guidelines and protocols for this available service.


Despite nationwide restrictions on liturgical services,  our chaplains have been providing spiritual help  through different online platforms. Announcements  are posted in the official Southridge Facebook page  ( These  online activities (usually via Zoom or Facebook live)  include Holy Mass, meditations for students and  alumni, First and Fourth Sunday Recollections (for  fathers, teachers, and alumni), and Doctrine Classes  for Dads (every Saturday 11:00 AM via  Zoom


All of the Parents’ Forums this school year will be held online via  Zoom. Normally, each level meets three times a year (two for SHS).  Depending on how the rules of the community quarantine will  evolve in the coming months, the initial plan is to have several  levels grouped together based on the current needs of the parents  and developmental stage of their sons for a joint forum. Special  topics on needed parenting skills at such times will also be  introduced. The schedule of the forums for this school year will be  placed in the school’s general calendar for the information of all  parents.


Sports and physical activities are an integral part of  Southridge education.    We will continue to have a varsity  program that is adapted to the online-learning  environment using Google Meet.    The immediate goal of  the program is to keep our student athletes fit and  healthy for their eventual participation in competitions.  Participation in the program will be completely  voluntary,    and fees for the services of the coaches will be  collected  as  appropriate.      Student  athletes  will  receive  an academic incentive in PE class,     but they will not be  completely exempted from the subject.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are educational leaders who take pride in their profession. They pursue excellence by doing their work extraordinarily well and by seeking continuous professional improvement. They take further studies and attend faculty development seminars in Southridge and other universities and venues.

In their interaction with their students, they show genuine concern, and empathy to them especially during their mentoring sessions. They find ways and means to transform learning into a joyful experience. They consistently manifest loyalty to the school and actively engage in effective home-school collaboration through periodic meetings with parents.

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