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PAREF Southridge School for Boys in Alabang, Muntinlupa City is a private school that offers primary, intermediate, and secondary education for boys

Virtues of a Southridge Gentleman

STUDY A Southridge Gentleman resolves to know what is right. He studies seriously, learns continually, and thinks in a Christian way.

ORDER A Southridge Gentleman knows that virtues are forged in work. He puts everything in its place. For him, God is first, others second, himself last.

TRUTHFULNESS A Southridge Gentleman seeks the truth, loves the truth, and humbly tells the truth. He knows himself and lets himself be known.

CHARITY A Southridge Gentleman is caring, respectful, understanding, and refined. He serves others especially the needy.

GENEROSITY A Southridge Gentleman gives his whole self to great and noble ideals. He strives to work as the best or better than the best.

OBEDIENCE A Southridge Gentleman is one with his family, his community, his country and all peoples. He obeys all authority, beginning with his elders and teachers.

LOVE FOR GOD A Southridge Gentleman says “yes” to God’s call to be holy. He prays to know and to do the will of God at all times.

FORTITUDE A Southridge Gentleman conquers all fear. He never gives up in the fight to do what is best.

SELF-DISCIPLINE A Southridge Gentleman is a master of himself and his feelings. He does not put his heart in material things.

CHEERFULNESS A Southridge Gentleman is a confident son of God. He sows peace and joy wherever he is.

LOYALTY A Southridge Gentleman holds firmly to his principles and commitments. He is dedicated to fulfill the Southridge mission.

RESPONSIBILITY A Southridge Gentleman gives each one his due. He takes charge of all his duties without fail.

The Ideal Southridge Graduate

The ideal Southridge graduate is a…

Self-determined thinker. He…

  1. Reflects on human experience and events in the light of universal values
  2. Researches, analyzes and evaluates information from sound sources
  3. Synthesizes and formulates with precision valid arguments in reaching conclusions
  4. Forms judgments based on universal truths (truth, goodness and beauty) or on what is true information and develops intellectual humility to withhold judgments when the evidence and reasons are insufficient
  5. Discerns the good and direct himself freely towards its fulfillment
  6. Makes and owns his decision after a well-thought plan of action but with capacity to change his mind as he receives additional data from others
  7. Identifies, defines and solves quantitative and qualitative problems creatively
  8. Acquires mastery of the core content, skills and values essential to the different learning disciplines

Sincere, respectful and effective communicator. He…

  1. Actively listens with objectivity and empathy; responds to communications by asking clarifying questions and by defining the terms
  2. Reads a range of styles and genre, critically and analytically; experiences beauty through the work of the masters
  3. Writes clearly and confidently with substance and organization in various styles
  4. Speaks clearly and competently; engages in meaningful dialogue
  5. Is sensitive to feedback and tom others’ feelings and level of knowledge; is a sympathetic listener to opposing views
  6. Competently uses a range of technologies to inform and communicate

Responsible and knowledgeable citizen. He…

  1. Is a man of faith
  2. Has a knowledge of and a respect for the dignity of the human person and the conviction that he can work with others in defending and uplifting it
  3. Engages himself in activities, co- and extra-curricular, that involve helping the less privileged members of society, fostering compassion for others
  4. Uses his knowledge and skills to analyze current issues, local and international, and comes up with his personal action plan regarding the matter
  5. Shows interest in the different fields of knowledge by keeping himself up to date with the latest in science and technology, arts, the social sciences, math, local and foreign literature
  6. Fosters responsibility and care for his environment
  7. Appreciates, empathizes, and understands a range of cultures and religions, having respect and consideration for other people guided by values of truth, honesty, fairness, equality, and integrity

Generous, hard working and sporting life-long learner. He…

  1. Recognizes that his studies are an important contribution to society, and tries to work with the greatest possible human perfection
  2. Sees school and non-school activities (hidden curriculum) as opportunities for learning and personal growth
  3. Takes responsibility for his own learning seen in his effectiveness to motivate, direct, monitor his learning and to manage and organize his study time, as well as in his participation in a range of learning opportunities
  4. Maintains and develops a sense of wonder, being open minded and intellectually curious which will lead him to become a life-long learner
  5. Acquires a sporting spirit, which will make him flexible to various situations or environments and resilient in the face of failures and difficulties as well as learning from his mistakes


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Accepting freshmen, transferees and foreign students.