To date, Southridge boasts of more than a thousand alumni since its first graduation in 1984. True to her commitment and promise of quality education with its twin goals of a balanced and demanding academic and personal formation, her graduates would go to the best universities in the country or study abroad, including the ivy league universities in the USA. Many have graduated in their chosen fields from their choice universities with honors. Many of the alumni now run their own businesses, occupy sensitive positions in their offices or in government either as elected or appointed officials, or are dedicated members of the workforce. Some have opted to make a difference by starting and organizing civic-oriented non-governmental organizations or simply joining them.

The Southridge Alumni are the school’s concrete answer to its 10th Credo: “We believe that our best contribution to the community, to the nation, and to the world is the gift of well-formed and principled people.

Jasper Ilagan

Alumnus, Batch 2005

IXM Hakuhodo – Executive Creative Director

Campaigns Southeast Asia Young Achiever of the Year 2017

Cannes Young Lions Philippines Representative 2018

10 Young Creatives to Look Out For 2018, Adobo Magazine

“The Mentoring Program was a welcome addition to how boys are molded into men in Southridge. It made me wiser in making decisions and braver in taking steps forward because I know someone’s there to guide me all the way. Mentoring made me more confident in talking and expressing myself to other people because of the constant practice I got from the chats. But most of all, it made making adult decisions a lot easier. This additional facet in the formation of the students, for me, is unparalleled.”

Joshua Montano

Alumnus, Batch 2015

Cum Laude, UA&P BS Applied Mathematics, Batch 2019

“Mentoring paved the way for me to have a trusted friend, who is wiser in life and whom I can open up to about anything. For countless times, my mentor has steered me in the right direction. He has always been there to give me sound advice when I’m about to make big decisions or, more mundanely, on how I can better approach my problems.”

Andrei Marion Figueroa

Alumnus, Batch 2018

3rd Year AB Media and Entertainment Management

Merit Scholar University of Asia and the Pacific

“Mentoring helped me know and understand deeper the reason why there’s a need for me to live and practice the virtues. Without it, I wouldn’t be the same person that I am today. With my mentor’s guidance coupled with a better understanding of the need to do good, I can say that I am now much stronger and much more confident in facing difficult challenges in life.”


Claro Cordero, Jr.

Alumnus, Batch 1996

is the Director and Head of Research, Consulting and Advisory Services of Cushman & Wakefield (NYSE: CWK) in the Philippines – a leading global real estate services firm that delivers exceptional value for real estate occupiers and owners. Claro is a licensed Real Estate Consultant, Appraiser and Broker.

“If there is one great thing I learned from the Mentoring Chats I had when I was in Southridge is to always have a clear goal in everything that I do. My mentors always reminded me to set realistic goals and our regular chats were helpful to steer me towards achieving them. The Mentoring Chats helped me even long after I graduated from Southridge as the discipline of goal setting made me recognize that you can turn weaknesses and pressures into your own strengths and make them opportunities to empower your drive. Setting realistic goals help me to prioritize and remain committed to enhance the different ideals and virtues I learned in Southridge. I am sharing this discipline with my growing daughters and also to those people I work with, hoping that they will also learn to share it with other people. To always begin with an end in mind helped me to focus my actions and at the same time helped me to reflect and arrive at every decision that will draw me nearer towards the ultimate goal of the Christian life.”

May 15, 2021 marks an important milestone in my life.

It’s the day the first-ever full scholar of Project Heyday, Alwyn B. Macabugwas, has graduated from Southridge.

Project Heyday is a fund-raising initiative of PAREF Southridge Night/Afternoon School for PAREF – Southridge School Scholarship Program. The project name represents the long-term goal of the initiative, which is to bring back the glory days of the scholarship program -the times when it could afford to admit deserving, underprivileged kids ALL as full scholars. I am a proud scholar of Southridge.

It’s a project I initiated in response to a challenge given to me by Mr. Ferdie Cruz. The year was 2011 and I was attending the alumni get-together of Southridge Night/Afternoon School. At the time, less and less full scholars were admitted to Southridge due to lack of funding. I told Mr. Cruz, “Wag kang mag-alala, sir, pag yumaman ako mag-i-sponsor ako ng scholar.” To which he responded, “Kailangan mo ba talagang maging mayaman bago ka makatulong?”

It struck me to the core. It made me realize that if there was a group of people who should start helping the scholarship program, it should be the alumni themselves. It all started with that question, that memorable night.

From then on, I started reaching out to batchmates to bring up the idea of raising funds to support scholars. Hanggang sa umabot sa ibang batches ang pangungulit ko. Kahit mga upper batch alumni way back 90s, i-me-message ko sa FB to ask for support. Eventually, when the
Alumni Association was formed, it adopted Project Heyday as the official fund-raising initiative to support Southridge’s scholarship program. It inspired several batches to start supporting their own scholars.

In school year 2020-2021, the alumni managed to sponsor 15 full scholars donating more than P800k, despite the pandemic!!!

I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to the following: Mr. Cruz for challenging me that night. You had no idea you changed my life. Geran Piquero, my batchmate and # 1 supporter since day 1. The Alumni Association, especially my idol and kuya Mathew Tamaray, for believing in the initiative. Of course, to all the alumni who have supported the initiative, financially and/or through other means. Maraming salamat po!

Special thank you to my then girlfriend and now wife, Kristia, for believing in me and supporting the initiative as a donor herself. 

Mabuhay ang Southridge!!!❤

Alwyn got Silver Medal for Academic Excellence. He has also obtained a scholarship in UA&P, my alma mater!!!

Alumni Get-together Feb 2020, with Alumni Association President Mathew Tamaray.


Meeting Alwyn for the first time in 2015, when he was still a freshman,

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