Senior High School

Senior High School comprises the culminating two years of the High School Unit. Following the Department of Education’s curriculum while remaining faithful to the educational philosophy of the school, Southridge Senior High School equips students for tertiary education and provides them with training and exposure to these three strands: Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and General Academic Strand (GAS).

Academic Program

The Senior High School Academic Program offers courses as prescribed by the Department of Education aligned with the philosophy, vision and mission of the school, and enriched by her unique curricular goals and program offerings.

The goals of Senior High School are to prepare graduates for tertiary education, develop middle level skills, train for employment, and facilitate entrepreneurship. The key principle here is that every student will be prepared to go to college, but at the same time, will be given the skills to embark on a particular career pathway immediately after high school.

The Senior High School curriculum consists of core subjects in nine learning areas (Language, Humanities, Communication, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Philosophy, Religion, and Physical Education and Health). And applied and specialized subjects for the ABM, STEM, and GA strands. It includes a structured work immersion to ensure excellent quality education. This is done in partnership with private industry sectors.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Pie Society
Business Club
Environmental Awareness
Performing Arts
Theatre Southridge Theatre Guild
Dance Southridge Dance Crew
Choir Southridge Vox
Others Admiral Step Crew
Special Interest
Culinary Club
Outdoor Club
Southridge Servers Society
The Officers Club
Red Cross Youth
Football Club
Basketball Club
Visual Arts
Southridge Arts and Props Club
Admiral's Media Society

Faculty List

Grade 11
Daryl John I. Almeda Math
Raymond F. Ganar Earth Science
Peter Jay D. Gonzales Science
Lee Gerard A. Macabali Information and Communications Technology
Kimberly T. Malate Social Science, 11B Class Adviser
Oscar Francisco L. Olmos, Ph.D. Philosophical Anthropology
Servando D. Peralta AP 01, 11D Class Adviser
John Michael R. Santos Personal Development
Virzon L. Sarao Filipino, 11A Class Adviser
Lee Gerard A. Macabali Robotics
Gilbert M. Tumbocon General Math
Elvin Amerigo d G. Valerio Oral Communication, 11C Class Adviser