PAREF Southridge Concludes Year of Mercy with a Solemn Benediction

18 November 2016

The Southridge community concluded the Year of Mercy on 18 October 2016 with a Solemn Benediction presided over by the school chaplain, Rev. Fr. Dean Johnpaul Menchavez. It was a fitting end to a year of renewed devotion to the Holy Eucharist and a revitalized Outreach Activities participated in by the students, parents, and teachers.

The Solemn Benediction on the Year of Mercy

O most sweet Jesus, for whose sake the eternal Father promised That he would always hear our prayer, you have taught us to be merciful Like the Father. You have told us that whoever sees you sees Him. Revering the sacred mysteries of your Body and Blood, we as one school Express our thanksgiving now in concluding the Jubilee Year of Mercy Filled with and in want of grace. Thank you for the many times you have pardoned us in the Sacrament of Mercy, as well as the many opportunities you gave us to live The corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Many of us, you perfectly know, have once again been reconciled With you after many years of separation or lukewarmness. Some of us have also especially rediscovered the mystery of your Love. Each one of us has once again found God’s mercy in your Word, In the prayers of the Church, in our devotions. We recognize your mercy in our own life: A quick glance was enough to rediscover, with amazement, How close you had been and continues to be close to us. Thank you for these months. Right now we discover that Many corners in our soul are still lacking in mercy and we ask for forgiveness and understanding. We conclude this Holy Year arriving at a departure point to undertake With renewed eagerness the path of our Christian progress. Continue to shower upon us your everlasting mercy in every corner Of our school and in our homes. We ask this through the intercession of St. Joseph, our patron, Mary, Mother of Mercy, you who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen.