PQFs Commence for School Year 2016-2017; Course for Parents Bared by the Parents Formation Department

1 July 2016

The Parents Quarterly Forums (PQFs) for this school year have commenced. The first PQFs started on 1 July 2016. The topics for the 1st PQF will address the psycho-social development of the children. The 2nd PQF topics will deal with academic development while the 3rd PQF topics will focus on the doctrinal-moral formation of children. There will also be new topics which the Parents Formation Department will be implementing this school year such as the Leadership of the Father or Challenge of Fatherhood, Family Communication and Dinner Table Conversation, Digital Communications, Social Responsibility (Common Good over Personal Interests), Valuing Difficulties and Developing Fortitude, Sacrificing Love for the Truth and Marital Unity. The school has been receiving positive feedback on the talks given by the experts and there is also high attendance of parents during the 1st PQFs. The thrusts of the Parents Formation Department this school year is to provide more quality and relevant parenting talks given by speakers who are experts in their fields