Good Teaching in Action

9 November 2016

November Faculty Development Session

Professor Vanessa Oyzon of the UP College of Education presided over the November Faculty Development Session on “Good Teaching in Action in PAREF Southridge School.” Before the actual FDS, Prof. Oyzon spent several hours observing classes to get a glimpse of what actually took place inside the classrooms. She also sent out survey questionnaires to students to find out their thoughts on the qualities of good teachers. The result of this mini-research was an insightful and candid look atb the qualities of good teachers in Southridge. Here are some reflections of the teachers about the session:

  • “I would like to be remembered as a teacher who prepared his students for life. Someone who gave meaning to concepts and ideas. A teacher who knew how to break down complicated matters into simpler and meaningful lessons” - Mr. Junny Antonio

  • “I would like to be remembered as the teacher who is really passionate and energetic in teaching Music. A teacher who loves teaching them music. A teacher who is strict but incorporates games in the lessons so they can enjoy learning music in class.” - Mr. Arnel Bueno

  • “The Good Teaching in Action session is a very good wake-up call to all of us teachers, most especially to the “old” senior teachers to continue improving in their teaching craft, not staying in “survival mode, professional plateau.” - Mr. Joey Cristobal

  • “I have this student who hardly produces outputs, cannot follow routines in class, distracts other students and does not perform accordingly as a Grade 1 student. I am exhausting various means to put him on the right track by coming with ways to make him work, chatting with the child, meeting his parents from time to time, and discussing ways with his therapists on how to deal with him.” - Mr. Aldrin Dangoy

  • “I have heard, seen and experienced what Prof. Oyzon has presented. It was indeed a testament that most Southridge teachers are well equipped and talented.” - Mr. Dennis Medina

  • “I think the best contribution of this seminar is the presentation of the points of views of the students about a good teacher. Through this, we can adapt, adjust, and change the way we teach so that we can intrinsically inspire our students to learn more.” - Mr. Joel Salazar

  • “I would like to be remembered as an excellent teacher and effective mentor. I would like to be remembered as a loving and caring father who inspires them to be the best students they can be.” - Mr. Rey Lallaban